Wholesale Didicate Internet Access

Wholesale DIA is ideal for Carriers and Services Providers who sell DS-1 and above circuits to end users requiring high-speed Internet access. By taking advantage of the 1-TO-ALL national footprint, providers can meet the needs of their end users without investing network capital.

Carriers and Network Services Providers can leverage 1-TO-ALL interconnection agreements with the Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers (ILECs) and provide both local loop and Internet access to their end users over our multi-10Gbps Tier 1 backbone.

1-TO-ALL Wholesale DIA consists of DS-1 NxT1, DS3, OC3, 10M Ethernet, 100M Fast Ethernet, and Ethernet over Copper Services options.

Wholesale DIA Features & Benefits

  • Extendsyour market reach
  • Providesrevenue-generating opportunities
  • Minimize operating costs by outsourcing network
  • Simplified DIA pricing so you can accurately quote Services pricing to your end users
  • Online ordering and online order status updates
  • Backed by a strong Services Level Agreement (SLA)

Optional Features

  • Customer premises equipment rental.
  • Reseller and private label programs for email and hosting solutions.
  • Robust and competitively priced email and hosting plans.

Some of our Enterprise Customers and Partners