Carrier Long Distance Termination

Providingreliable and cost-effective termination of long distance calls is vital to your business. With 1-TO-ALL Carrier Long Distance Termination, you can complete interstate calls in all 50 states and intrastate calls in the 48 continental states with only one interconnection. With 1-TO-ALL Carrier Long Distance Termination:

  • End-user traffic is terminated via the high-quality, high-speed long-haul fiber network
  • You receive electronic call detail to assist you in managing your long distance traffic
  • Most carrier revenue contributes to your overall Carrier Long Distance Termination volume discount

Carrier Long Distance Termination Features & Benefits

Our reliable, high-speed network and competitive pricing makes this a robust solution for carriers and Services providers of any size.

  • Reliable termination via Feature Group-D (4-wire trunk connection)
  • Specific trunk group assignments
  • Electronic call detail
  • 24x7 customer support

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