Cost Saving Solution

1-TO-ALL Communications has provided advanced, telecommunications solutions built around the customers we serve. Using a unique combination of the 1-TO-ALL high-capacity nationwide and metro networks and broadband wireless capabilities, 1-TO-ALL provides customers in several industrieswith tailored solutions to help them overcome some of the biggest types of challenges they face every day.

VoIP is truly revolutionizing the telecommunications industry, and 1-TO-ALL leverages the power of IP to provide a high quality and reliable communications solution that integrates voice and data over a single broadband connection with more valuable features, saving small and medium-sized businesses time and money.

Voice LocalVoiceLocal is a digital voice over cellular (GSM/CDMA/3G) network especially designed to reduce local telephone charges.
International Many businesses are excited about its saving potential without looking at its down-side disaster.
Data NetworkingThese competitively priced products offer network designers an excellent alternative that delivers the interoperability.
Internet Access A high-speed internet Services by ADSL technology (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) via an existing phone line por.
VoIPA high quality digital voice over internet network especially designed to reduce international connection charges by up to 50%.

Some of our Enterprise Customers and Partners