Voice Local

VoiceLocal is a digital voice over cellular (GSM/CDMA/3G) network especially designed to reduce local telephone charges (fixed line) by up to 40%.For many years. VoiceLocal has been widely used by leading national and multi-national enterprises worldwide.

Who use VoiceLocal ?

Customers who need to reduce their local telephone bill (via PABX).Customers who do not want any change or effect towards calling pattern of users as if they are making calls from the same system.

Why use VoiceLocal ?

  • Satisfaction Guarantee with excellent voice quality.
  • Customer can use VoiceLocal to call any number on any network.
  • With VoiceLocal, customer is getting additional lines for outbound calls. Existing lines (or numbers) can be kept for receiving inbound calls.
  • No investment of hardware,
  • VoiceLocal can be used with all PBX systems.
  • Up to 40% saving over standard telephone bill from True, TOT, TT&T, CAT
  • Fax capability available in some areas.
  • Usable in every place and area, such as, lodging, company, office, factory, bank, hospital apartment, on vehicle (car, boat) even mobile office likeconstruction site.
  • VoiceLocal can be used as fixed line replacement .

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