Calling Card

Calling Cards Solution

The emergence of new technologies for cost effective transport of voice data, and namely Voice-over-IP, opens up new revenue generating opportunities for entrepreneurs all over the world.

The calling cards business model offers a relatively low cost entry into the lucrative telecom market segment. The essence of the calling cards business model is to creatively segment customers by various demographic and/or behavioral characteristics and to design calling cards offerings to meet their specific calling needs. The calling cards business typically attracts entrepreneurs who want to enter the VoIP market, businesses with established retail distribution channels, and service providers who want to diversify their revenue streams.

As a leading vendor of VoIP equipment, 1-TO-ALL offers integrated, scalable, and cost-effective calling cards solutions. Such solutions feature powerful billing capabilities, intuitive CRM web portals, and proven interoperability with equipment from other leading VoIP vendors. Because all solution components are developed by the engineers at 1-TO-ALL, that reduces the need for integration costs at the service provider level which saves money for customers and improves their return on investment.

How does the solution work?

User experience

  • The user purchases a calling card from a retail or online store.
  • The user dials the local or toll-free access number printed on the card.
  • The user hears a voice prompt, asking him to enter his PIN number.
  • The user enters the PIN number printed on the calling card using the phone dial pad.
  • He hears his account balance and is invited to make a call.
  • The user dials the number and gets connected.

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