Hotel Video Solution

Business Opportunity

Faced with increased industry competition, many hotel operators are looking for smarter ways to generate more revenues from their properties. Expanding the portfolio of services offered to hotel guests has proven to be a successful strategy for many hotels. One of the high-margin services that hotels operators can offer to their guests today is Video-on-Demand (VOD).

Although Video-on-Demand is not a new service in the hotel industry, the scope of such service has been quite limited in the past. In many cases, hotels would purchase limited number of VHS/DVD movies. When a guest orders a movie, the hotel operator would send physical VHS/DVD media to the guest’s room for playback via a VCR/DVD player. The overall perceived quality of such service would be low and hotel guests would be unwilling to pay premium prices.

Fortunately, emerging technologies, such as Internet Protocol Television (IPTV), enable real-time delivery of high quality Video-on-Demand content to the TV sets in each hotel room utilizing the Local Area Network (LAN) infrastructure. Modern hotel VOD systems allow guests to browse through the available titles and request playback of their selections via remote controllers. Because modern hotel VOD systems utilize video compression technologies, hotel operators can offer more choice of video content to their guests and respectively generate more VOD revenues.

Business Solution

1-To-All a leading provider of IP communications equipment, now offers a scalable, feature rich and affordable VOD solution for hotels. Such a solution can deliver Video-on-Demand content directly to the TV set in each hotel room. The solution features intelligent content management, robust content delivery, and flexible billing capabilities. SysMaster’s Hotel VOD solution allows easy integration with modern hotel PMS systems, so that hotel guests can be presented with a single bill when they check out. Alternatively, hotel operators can utilize the integrated PMS functionality of 1-To-ALL 's Hotel VOD solution for guest billing purposes.

How does the solution work?

Hotel Guest Experience

  • The hotel guest uses the Tornado M50 remote control to select among available VOD titles from the TV screen.
  • When the guest selects a video title, Tornado M50 displays on the TV screen price information and requests confirmation of the selection.
  • After the guest confirms the selection, Tornado M50 starts playing the content on the TV screen.
  • The iptvSwitch receives IPTV channels from the SysMaster Time-Shifter and re-streams them to the set-top-box (e.g. Tornado M10/M50) of the end-user over the Internet
  • The Tornado M10/M50 STB decodes the received IPTV streams and display them content on the attached TV
  • The IPTV system is managed by the VoiceMaster® Content Management and Billing server

Hotel Operator Experience

  • When the guest requests VOD content via the remote control, Tornado M50 sends a request to the Hotel3Play server.
  • Hotel3Play authorizes VOD delivery, based on the rules set by the hotel operator, and provides information to Tornado M50 about available titles.
  • When the hotel guest selects the desired VOD title, the Hotel3Play server pulls content from the video storage server and delivers it to the Tornado M50 device requesting the title.
  • Hotel3Play also records a billing charge to the corresponding room account and provides that information to the hotel PMS system.
  • When the guest checks out, he is presented with a consolidated bill, generated by the hotel PMS system.

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