Wholesale VoIP

Wholesale VoIP providers act as traffic aggregators and/or traffic exchanges for their customers. They sign up contracts with both retail and wholesale VoIP providers and act as a middle man for call origination and termination services. When partners send traffic to the Wholesale VoIP provider, he/she reroutes it to other partners for termination and makes profit from the difference in negotiated rates.

1-TO-ALL offers end-to-end, cost-effective and scalable Wholesale VoIP solution. That solution features powerful billing, flexible routing, and proven interoperability with equipment from other leading VoIP vendors. Because all solution components are developed by 1-TO-ALL, integration issues are eliminated, allowing providers to quickly start and/or expand their Wholesale VoIP business while enjoying high return on investment

How does the solution work?

Wholesale Provider Experience

  • Partner A sends VoIP traffic to the wholesale VoIP provider for termination.
  • 1-TO-ALL accepts the traffic and sends authorization request to 1-TO-ALL VoIP Billing server.
  • The VoIP billing server verifies the account balance of Partner A and authorizes call termination.
  • The Softswitch re-routes the traffic to Partner B, hiding traffic source information.
  • Upon completing the call, the VoIP Billing server records debits the account of Partner A and records CDR record of the call.

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