IP Centrex

One of the early fruits of telecom innovation was the introduction of IP Centrex services. Centrex business model is an enhanced version of the traditional Centrex model, where end-users enjoy popular PBX features, such as call hold, call transfer, last number look-up and redial, call forward, and three-way calling without the need to own expensive PBX systems. IP Centrex allows delivery of same features over broadband connections. The IP Centrex business model appeals to providers as it offers a low costly into the lucrative market for VoIP services.

1-To-ALL offers very scalable and cost effective IP Centrex solution that enables providers to quickly roll out residential and business IP Centrex service offerings. SysMaster’s IP Centrex solution utilizes innovative Intelligence-at-the-Edge architecture in which the central servers perform call management and billing functions whereas the customer premises equipment devices, such as the Tornado M5 IP Phones, deliver IP Centrex functionality. Due to its decentralized architecture, SysMaster’s IP Centrex solution is offers high fault-tolerance and greater availability. Because all solution components are developed by SysMaster, providers benefit from lower integration costs and improved return on investment.

How does the solution work?

User experience

  • The user subscribes for a particular service plan on the service provider’s website. •The provider sends the user A IP Phone. The user connects the IP Phone to his/her local area network
  • The user picks up the IP Phone and hears a regular dial tone.
  • The user dials a destination number and the call gets connected.
  • Each month, the user receives electronic or printed invoice from the provider.
  • The user can check his account balance/history online on the provider’s website and can make automatic or manual credit card payments.

Service provider experience

  • When the user picks up the IP Phone and dials the destination number, 1-To-All Switch sends an authorization request to 1-To-All® VoIP Billing.
  • Voice Gateway® verifies user account information and authorizes the call if the user has sufficient balance.
  • The user dials a destination number and the call gets connected.
  • 1-To-All Switch matches the destination number against routing tables and connects the call to a remote gateway.
  • Upon call completion, Voice Gateway® records complete CDR information for the call and debits the user account with the accumulated service charges.

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