VoIP Termination

The rapid development of Voice-over-IP technology in early 2000s lead to major changes in the telecom industry. A traditionally monopolized sector, telecom suddenly opened up for competition and many new providers aggressively entered the market. Because most new providers utilized VoIP technology the demand for converting between VoIP and PSTN networks arose. That demand gave birth to the VoIP termination business model.

The VoIP Termination business model offers an easy entry point into the lucrative market for VoIP services. The business model is based on establishing physical points of presence (POP) in multiple geographical areas. Each POP is equipped with gateways, which receive VoIP calls in the form of data packets, convert them to analog signals and sends them to the local PSTN network (call termination). VoIP termination typically appeals to ISPs with established POPs, entrepreneurs who want to enter the VoIP market, and VoIP carriers.

1-To-All offers end-to-end, cost-effective and scalable VoIP termination solution. The solution features flexible VoIP-to-PSTN switching and powerful billing. Because all solution components are developed by SysMaster, integration issues are eliminated, allowing providers to quickly start and/or expand their VoIP termination business while enjoying high return on investment (ROI) and reduced total cost of ownership (TCO).

How does the solution work?

Service provider experience

  • VOICE GATEWAY VoIP Gateway receives a call termination request from a remote gateway (operated by a business partner).
  • VOICE GATEWAY sends authorization request to Voice Gateway® VoIP Billing.
  • Voice Gateway® checks whether the remote gateway is authorized to send traffic, verifies partner account balance (prepaid scenario) and call termination.
  • VOICE GATEWAY connects the call to the PSTN network.
  • During the call, VOICE GATEWAY converts data packets to voice signals and vice versa.
  • Upon call completion, Voice Gateway® VoIP Billing records complete CDR information for the call and debits the partner account with accumulated service charges.

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