VoiceClear OverIP

Is a high quality digital voice over internet network especially designed to reduce international connection charges by up to 50%. Standardized to meet mission-critical operation under 001 quality, VoiceClear Over IP offers enterprise customers or anyone with lower calling rates uncompromised quality.

Who uses VoiceClear Over IP ?

  • Customers who need to lower their telephone bills via current fixed lines (PSTN) or mobile phones but who do not want to compromise on quality.
  • Customers who do not want any changes or effects towards calling patterns of users as they are making calls from exist systems.

Why uses VoiceClear Over IP ?

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee with digital voice quality under the same standard Quality.
  • Using VoiceClear001 in able Fax to be sent worldwide, unlike other VoIP systems that do not guarantee on ‘Fax’ Capability.
  • No hardware installation, including the use of internet connection, that may result in higher cost or poorer quality control is required.
  • VoiceClear001 can be used on any phone (fixed, mobile phone or PABX system) or network including TRUE, TOT, CAT, TT&T, AIS,DTAC,TRUE MOVE, Hutch.
  • Rates are lower by up to 50%, when compared to other similar systems.
  • Real-Time Reporting is available for viewing Call-Details Record (CDRs) via Online Billing (internet)

Some of our Enterprise Customers and Partners