For organizations with bandwidth-intensive applications, 1-TO-ALL Wavelength is a reliable high-capacity networking solution that combines superior bandwidth with nationwide coverage. Wavelength is an easy-to-implement, fully-managed solution for point-to-point connections between cities or across the country.

Wavelength is an ideal solution for when you need to move large amounts of data, provide disaster recovery or large bandwidth redundancy, carry real time video, connect large data centers, or provide near real-time transaction processing.

Features & Benefits

  • Bandwidth available at 1 Gig E to 40 Gig E or 2.5 Gig to 40 Gig (clear channel).
  • Increased productivity with the ability to transfer large data files are consistent speeds on a single network.
  • 1-TO-ALL provides more bandwidth at a competitively lower cost per megabit.
  • Accommodate multiple protocols including Ethernet, Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM), SONET, and Frame Relay.
  • 24 x 7 performance monitoring and management backed by aggressive Services Level Agreements.

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