Local Voice Services

Your local voice services are probably your most heavily used communications services. Local services provide for everything from basic phone service to directory assistance. At 1-TO-ALL, reliability and competitive pricing backed with feature-rich offerings form the foundation for all of our local services. Whatever your local service needs, 1-TO-ALL has them covered.

Whether your business has one location in a single market or many offices across the nation, 1-TO-ALL makes it simple for you to buy local services. That's because 1-TO-ALL offers standard product features across all of our markets, along with standard product names and functionality. Imagine that - local services available in over 70 markets nationwide from one supplier with one simple invoice..

Business Fixed LineVoice-grade communication channel for telephones, key systems, modems and other devices.
ISDN, PRI, E1 ISDN PRI is an ideal solution for growing and large businesses that need a cost-effective solution for clear voice traffic.
Wireless Fixed LineCan help your organizations save fixed (Fixed Line) up to 40%.

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