Wireless Fixed Line


Wireless fixed line is a system of local call. Network Cellular (GSM/CDMA/3G) that can help your organizations save fixed (Fixed Line) up to 40%. Today Voice Local popular system widely used in leading organizations both domestic and foreign.

Wireless fixed line provides:

  • Anywhere installation without need of cable.
  • 90% - 95% voice quality.
  • 30% - 50% lower cost compared to other competitors.
  • Can be used as fixed line replacement.
  • Supports both GSM and CDMA networks (GSM fixed wireless and CDMA fixed wireless)

Why consider this?

  • Maximum SAVING on your local telephone bill as compared to other 1-TO-ALL products
  • Quick installation within 03 days after placing order.
  • Short-term contract is possible which is suitable for office-on-the-move or Event temporarily held.
  • Since there is no wire involved, hard-to-reach location is always accessible with nation-wide coverage.

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