Voice Clear 001


The most essential business communications are still those that take place on your voice network. Shouldn’t you have the best? Whether you are calling across the country or across the globe, 1-TO-ALL VoiceClear service provides high-quality and cost-effective in-state, state-to-state, and international calling for business.

Our VoiceClear service allows you to place outbound long-distance calls over a dedicated connection between your premise equipment and the 1-TO-ALL long-distance network. The end result is a crisp voice service delivered over a high-performance digital communications network.

Our awarding winning VoiceClear service is equivalent to IDD service in terms of quality and reliability. Using Time-Division-Multiplex (TDM) protocol, 1-TO-ALL is recognized for this most extensive TDM network across the globe.

VoiceClear001 provides:

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee with digital voice quality under the same standard as CAT 001.
  • Use VoiceClear001 to send fax worldwide unlike other VOIP systems that do not guarantee on fax capability.
  • No hardware installation including the use of internet connection that may result in higher cost or poorer quality control.
  • Abel to use VoiceClear001 on any phone (fixed, mobile phone or PABX system) or network including TOT, CAT, TT&T, AIS, DTAC, TRUE MOVE, Hutch.
  • Up to 50% lower rates when compared to other similar systems.
  • Real time reporting available for viewing Call – Details Record (CDRs) via Online Billing (internet).
  • Easy to use just enter Access Code + Destination Number when making international call.
  • Allows you to use your existing phone lines including analog, ISDN E1 as well as mobile on any network.
  • Provides three services formats:
    • Carrier Pre-Select (CPS) – where your exchange is configured to route calls over the 1-TO-ALL network but your company’s lines remain managed by your local provider.
    • Indirect Access (IDA) – where you use an auto-dialer or manually-entered prefix to send calls.
    • Line Rental – where we take on management and billing of your local lines.

Why consider this?

  • Your company wants the speed, quality, and reliability of our global network across your existing in-country phone lines or on any mobile's network.
  • 100% premium voice quality is required whilst still enjoying competitive pricing.
  • Fully redundancy in case of failure.

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