Mobile Sprint Software

The MobileSprint is a LCR software application that lets subscribers dial international calls directly from their mobile handset - with no additional keystrokes - and enjoys the service rate from 1-To-All service. There is no need for special PIN codes or long access numbers. Users simply dial the number or access it directly from their phonebook and the application will automatically route the call according to predefined criteria and real time parameters of the telecom service providers.

With 1-TO-ALL VoiceStandard, you will be able to make international calls at very low rates all day long.

The MobileSprint has been developed as prefix routing software to support Symbian, Windows Mobile, Palm, Blackberry ,Apple I-Phone and specific operation system of each brand by providing;

  • Mobile Routing – automatic and seamless
  • Direct dialing from the phone’s native dialer or address book – seamless user experience
  • Easy activation - Once users have registered via 1-To-All company who are MobileSprint’s partners, the application is sent directly to the phone and the users can immediately start using the service – no user training or phone configuration required.

Some of our Enterprise Customers and Partners