Roaming SIM

1-To-All’s VoiceRoaming is a service that can help to save cost on international roaming charges while being aboard. 1-To-All is an exclusive partner with Tellink from Belgium, one of the biggest telecom companies in Europe. With this service you can take your mobile phone together with your number wherever you go and save up to 50 % off standard roaming fees.

Extremely advantageous roaming-in fees

In contrast to many mobile operators, 1-To-All makes every effort to keep the cost for incoming calls abroad to a minimum. With your GSM, you can go anywhere.

With your GSM, you can go anywhere

You know the reality: our world is getting faster and faster by the minute, and also bigger and bigger. It is a world where all of us want to be in all places at the same time and where we want to remain in touch with things wherever we may find ourselves. That just happens to be a new fact of life and it requires a new approach to telephony. Alas, a very expensive proposition; indeed it is... unless you happen to know about 1-To-All.

Sim roaming providers:

  • 50% saving over standard International Roaming Rate.
  • Easy and simple to use with excellent voice quality.
  • All inbound calls to Thailand’s number can be forwarded (call forwarding) to any type of numbers in your visiting countries. Thus, you will not miss any business opportunity at all.
  • Our VoiceRoaming can be used with all networks (AIS, DTAC, True Move, Hutch)

Who uses our VoiceRoaming?

  • Customer traveling aboard in need of saving over expensive International Roaming fees as a result of making and receiving call while traveling.
  • Allow traveling users to be reached more easily (unlike standard Roaming) by people from Thailand or from locally visited country without a need to carry two phones.

Our 1-To-All Rate compare to competitors (AIS, DTAC roaming)!!!

Feature of our VoiceRoaming:

  • Very low international calling rates saves up to 94%
  • Free incoming calls in more than 65 countries
  • International roaming in 95 countries
  • Free check balance by 187 numbers.
  • Support SMS, Voice Mail and Multi-Party call conference
  • Get Belgium global cell phone number country code <32>
  • No Roaming Charge
  • Free incoming SMS<32>
  • One phone number for worldwide
  • You get Call Details Record and Call Cost after each call on your phone

Some of our Enterprise Customers and Partners