Broadcast service

Product Description

1-TO-ALL provides turnkey solutions for Video or content delivery. Our customers value the ease, speed, flexibility and reliability of our highly advanced Satellite and fiber Network.

Owners and operators of TV broadcast operations know that content is king, and our services enables you to move content anywhere, anytime. High bandwidth-intensive applications, such as video distribution, require dedicated capacity to ensure a consistent quality of service. We provide reliable delivery of content between programmers and regional broadcasters or customer studios.

Our service simplifies content contribution and distribution requirements for programmers by providing a single-source distributor worldwide for full-time, dedicated users. Your content moves seamlessly, easily and on time with our state-of-the-art ground network and extensive operations experience. We own the entire infrastructure, so your service can easily be customized to meet unique needs for Contribution & Turn around services.

Key Benefits to your Business

Customer enjoys dedicated capacity for a consistent quality of the 1-TO-ALL service. Our services enable customers to move content anywhere, anytime. We can provide full-time dedicated as well as occasional capacity for both distribution and contribution services

  • Cost effective & seamless content delivery globally
  • Scalable channel contribution and broadcast bandwidth
  • Content Transport in between Asia, America, Europe, Middle East & Africa
  • Fully redundant fiber connectivity
  • Turnkey solutions including design, implementation and management

Features and Value-Added Services

  • Integration between customer’s signal interface such as ASI / SDI and 1-TO-ALL network
  • Integrated service package for premium transport and broadcast of digital TV channels into Asia Pacific
  • One stop shop providing services on our own Satellite and fiber infrastructure, thus providing single point of contact for end to end service
  • Reliability and service uptime with guaranteed quality of servic

Some of our Enterprise Customers and Partners