Video Conference

Turn on global collaboration and watch the boundaries disappear

Geographic and organizational impediments to productivity and communication melt away with Video Conferencing from 1-TO-ALL Business. Our flexible, easy-to-use, global Video Conferencing means your employees can run anything from a small, impromptu, two-person video conference to a fully 1-TO-ALL Business-managed, international corporate event with thousands of participants.

  • Hybrid call support (mixed IP and ISDN transport on the same cell)
  • State-of-the art global facilities supporting IP and ISDN transport
  • Full design and implementation support for your worldwide video network
  • Uniform, round-the-clock global tech support
  • A dedicated, highly-experienced Verizon Business project manager
  • Equipment and technical certification and implementation support
  • End-user training
  • Flexible solutions running the gamut from self-service to full outsourcing
  • Dial-out and dial-in capabilities

On the forefront of technological innovation, Immersive Video, also known as Telepresence, has redefined video conferencing and turned it into a ‘virtual’ meeting experience. Essentially, Immersive Video is a video conference where the audio and visual quality is so great, that you forget you’re sitting in the same room with participants thousands of miles away. Enterprises, particularly multi-nationals, can utilize Immersive Video to break down geographic barriers, enable better collaboration, and improve the productivity of their workforce

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