IP Trunking Services

Simplify, consolidate, and manage your voice trunking services with1-To-All IP Trunking and IP Integrated Services

Our IP trunking services simplify management of your network and can help drive operational efficiencies. They do this by consolidating your voice services onto a SIP-based VoIP network, thereby optimizing your data IP network, and controlling costs associated with maintaining traditional TDM local lines, trunks, and dedicated PRI circuits. We also offer a native IP Trunking option that provides a SIP trunk directly to your IPPBX, and an IP Integrated Access option that leverages a gateway device so you can interface with legacy Key or PBX systems. And, our latest Burstable Enterprise Shared Trunking (BEST) feature enhancement allows you to share all your voice trunking resources across your enterprise and lets you use idle trunk capacity in one location to accommodate a traffic increase in another location. BEST helps control costs, as fewer concurrent calls need to be purchased at each location and resources can be shared to provide time of day benefits and peak usage management.

Next Generation Trunking

1-TO-ALL's IP Trunking and IP Integrated services provide a better way for enterprises with multiple locations to manage trunking:

Network efficiencies

  • Design flexibility for multi-site enterprises
  • Share enterprise capacity for peak traffic
  • Consolidate access for voice and data services

Simplified network administration

  • Leverage a single vendor solution
  • Manage local services from a central location

Cost control

  • Purchase ‘Per port instead of increments of 23
  • Shared trunking resources across Enterprise
  • Standard calling features and pricing across regions

Flexible business continuity options

  • Enhanced IP based fail-over solutions

Extensive geographic coverage

Broad US and European footprint


  • BEST
  • Private dial plan options
  • Enhanced emergency calling
  • Call Plans Inbound/Outbound
  • Access to directory assistance and operator fee-based services

Multiple Access Options

  • Internet Dedicated Access (IDA)
  • Private IP (MPLS, network-based Virtual Private Network)
  • Ethernet to Private IP up to 100M

Compatible with Industry-Leading Vendor Platforms 1-TO-ALL has tested the interoperability of our IP trunking services with many IPPBX vendor platforms. Our IP Integrated Access service provides additional options to interface to legacy voice systems by using a gateway device to provide PRI and analog interface options. For a list of gateway devices, and IP PBX platforms that are certified for interoperability with our IP Trunking and IP Integrated Access services, please contact your 1-TO-ALL Business Account team.

Voice Options

  • Local, National and International Calling available
  • Enterprise Dial Plans, Inbound Fail-Over and Load Sharing Available
  • Managed IP-PBX Services

Intelligent Network

  • Our global intelligent network includes equipment, capacity, power redundancy, technology upgrades, and security.

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