Wholesale Division specialized in providing cost-effective, high quality communication solutions to consumer, reseller and service provider. The company headquarter is in Bangkok, Thailand with its subsidiaries operating in Vietnam and Pakistan. At wholesale international level, we are currently specialized in South Asian & Asia Pacific destinations. We are recognized as being the biggest and largest wholesale VoIP operator that offers Thailand wholesale minutes to over 150 of international carriers capturing over 70% of total world market’s share.

We believe in Long Term relationship with our partners and always give best of services to our partners.

Network Advantages

Here at 1-to-ALL we provide best network services to carriers. Below are some distinguish features

We provide 24/7/365 Support via e-mail, phone, and chat.

Switch Location is in Headquarter Bangkok and deployed in different collocation across the Country.

Collocation and switch redundancy.

Using Wide variety of switches which can handle 50,000 Concurrent all together.

Interconnect with all leading operators in industry

Provide both IP and TDM solution for Interconnection.

We are Using MVTS II, JeraSoft, MVTS PRO,SIPPY,CISCO and VOS enable us to interconnect with any switch in the industry

Some of our Enterprise Customers and Partners